I alternate my art production between my Lake Tahoe Studios and the sculpture studios in Pietrasanta, Italy.

South Lake Tahoe Studios and Gallery
A spacious, two story facility with the first floor serving as a sculpture studio designed for marble carving, terra cotta and bronze preparation. The second floor functions as a drawing, painting and maquette studio and gallery.

David Foster Sculpture Studio Sculptures DisplaySculptures Display

Pietrasanta Sculpture Studios
Pietrasanta is a small community of approximately 10,000 inhabitants located in the Tuscany region on the northwest coast of Italy, only 20 miles from Pisa and 60 miles from Florence. It is situated at the base of the Apuan Alps, which possess the precious white marble quarried by the ancient Romans, Michelangelo, and sought by contemporary artists today. For centuries, Pietrasanta's economy has revolved around its nearby quarries and the craftsmanship of its sculpture and architectural stone artisans. Today, it is still a thriving marble artisan community with 20 marble carving studios and 4 bronze foundries.

Pala Studios

Palla Studios

Lapis Studios

Lapis Studio

L'Apuana Studios

L'Apuana Studios