As a visual artist I am always studying and evaluating life and the world around me. My art is a response to these observations.

I find the human figure to be the most compelling form in nature and it is a primary source of inspiration for my bronze, marble and terra-cotta sculpture. The human figure provides for me an endless resource for design possibilities through observation and study of its muscle-skeletal structure and formal surface relationships. The figure also possesses intrigue of content and context resulting from the power of its intellect, expression, feeling and spirit.

Like the work of the Classical Greeks, my sculpture seeks an ideal. And, like the Classical Greeks, my approach is quite formalistic in my concern for proportion, contrapposto and spatial presence. Unlike the Classical Greeks, however, my sculpture uses the figure as both a source and a departure for exploring abstract form. I strongly emphasize invention as I reference the figure utilizing the design elements of line and contour, shape, form, texture and movement. In this formalist method, considerable energy is addressed on manipulating these elements and adjusting them to produce a dynamic three-dimensional expression.

Haldan Gallery